The Little Black Magic Dress

I made a LBD! Never thought I'd do it, but I was so thankful I did.  Mc Calls 6886.  Legendary pattern. It was for a function to which I was planning to wear something much more shiny. I am so glad I rather went for this in the end! I was almost overdressed as it … Continue reading The Little Black Magic Dress

Medieval Feast Coming Up

My big son - the one who weaves his own chainmail and sews his own gambisons and costumes - has his 21st birthday this month.  I am planning, and testing recipes, and ordering Honey Mead...because it will be a Medieval-themed party. This is the Birthday Boy:  in a robe he made for a Medieval Fayre … Continue reading Medieval Feast Coming Up

Art Nouveau Ladies and Vintage Sugar and Lace

  Sewing is progressing slowly in this house: occasionally stuff happens, it just does not get photographed.  Some fabric for The Daughter's Sudoko Grid for her winter school wardrobe got "re-deployed" elsewhere.  In the process I started ANOTHER Sudoku grid for a "Performance Wardrobe" for her Jazz gigs.  More about that later. This jacket/coat is … Continue reading Art Nouveau Ladies and Vintage Sugar and Lace