I have not sewn anything for 2 months, I'm afraid.  There is a draped jacket at my sewing machine that is complete for all but the sleeve hems....and I do not get around to that. Not really because I'm so very busy (which I kind-of am) but because my life feels like it has become … Continue reading Methaphors


Pattern Review 3-2-1 Challenge

This is what you get when you can not decide what to wear to an occasion you are silly nervous about, and you have the excuse of a Pattern Review Contest to sew lots of possibilities! (And then in the end you chicken out and sew a Little Black Dress.) The idea was a capsule … Continue reading Pattern Review 3-2-1 Challenge

‘I’ for ‘Inspired’ not ‘C’ for ‘Carbon Copy’

"We believe designing is about pure and intense emotions. It's about feeling." (Quote from TM Collection by Teresa Martins' Website) When I chose the outfit I wanted to copy for Linda's Designin'December Challenge, I had a specific dinner in mind, which would be at a very classy Thai restaurant in very classy Nelson Mandela Square...where … Continue reading ‘I’ for ‘Inspired’ not ‘C’ for ‘Carbon Copy’