Lagenlook? What is Lagenlook?

In 2009 in Europe, I was absolutely fascinated with the clothes displayed in the shop windows. I clicked a few unfocused pictures because I just wanted to show one of my friends how different clothes over there looked from what we were wearing over here at the time.

2009 07 12 b 332

2009 07 12 b 331

Recently I noticed a buzzword on the pattern review posts of some sewists I admire. “Lagenlook.”

Googled “Lagenlook” and suddenly discovered that the style I was crazy about in 2009 Europe, has a name!

2009 07 12 a 719    2009 07 12 a 720

Apart from that, I realised that I have been kind-of dressing like this since I was a teenager. That is, when I make an effort to “dress” at all.  Mostly in my life, clothes, fashion and style have been just afterthoughts. But most of my favourite personal wardrobe items through the years, would have sat comfortably on a Lagenlook story board.

Speaking of which: having created a Pinterest board of Lagenlook inspired styles now, I CAN ABSOLUTELY NOT WAIT to finish the mind-numbingly disciplined sewing projects I am committed to at the moment, so I can sew some crazy-but-structured, flowing layer-stuff in natural neutral fabrics!

2009 07 12 a 718

(Just a cool picture of shopwindow art in Lyon in 2009)

2009 07 12 b 035

(And my Lyon-Selfie in the days before Selfies were fashionable.)

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