From Pinterest Zombie to Fourtysomething Flower Child

My 2016  Wardrobe Competition entry on the Pattern Review website is done.  The standard is super-high this year – there are some AMAZING entries  – but I will be free-flowing through life in a breeze of salmon and blue, so I consider that in itself  a win.

composite 0

The rules, in short, said that between 1 February and 31 March you had to sew 10 items that could all be co-ordinated with each other. All tops had to go with all bottoms, and at least one “topper” had to be made which could be worn in harmony with ALL combinations, including any dresses in the collection. I chose my first fabrics on Feb 10 and completed my sewing on March 20.


I completed the picture-taking part of the competition in a rush before we had to leave on holiday. Many thanks to The Daughter for being a patient photographer while I lost at least 2kg dashing between the bedroom to dress and the living room to pose.  Now that I am back I just want to blog some of the individual review pictures. I want to bask a moment longer in those delicious moments of creative surprise which turned out even more pleasing than I expected  as I discovered what my new sewing machine could do.  (On the PatternReview site pictures get compressed even more when uploading. It did not help that my pics were rather low-res to start with.)

A key element of my entry is the “Pfaff Stitch-of-the-Day”.  I tried with every item to explore a new feature on my six-month-old Quilt Expression 2.0.  I explored the the twin needle, the wing needle and a handful of the 200 stitch options including 2 of the alphabet sets.  I have not even scratched the surface of this machine’s capabilities yet.

There was one little moment where my Pfaff was not the right machine for the job 😉


 The complete entry can be viewed here:  Wardrobe Competition 2016,   and the background stories and details of the Pfaff Stitch-of-the-day for each garment can be read in the links to separate pattern reviews.

So, here are some of the combinations:

This was in the middle of the photo session:


A cup of coffee to toast almost 2 months’ work 😉

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