The Christmas-in-April Shirt

I made a shirt! A real manly-man’s shirt!

It is a first.

When The Husband bought me my Pfaff last year, lots of hints were made about shirts.

So I did buy a few shirt fabric options…boasting about how I had just bought enough fabric to make three shirts for the price of one RTW. Now that is, IF any shirts ever got made.  I was feeling spectacularly uninspired, because making a man’s shirt did not feel particularly gratifying. I mean, where was I going to put all the blingy trimmings, or use some decorative stitching, huh?  But expectations were high.

I cut the shirt out in December.  Had visions of how he AND THE TWO BOYS were going to pose on Facebook in the shirts I was going to sew for them for Christmas.

Haha.  Life then happened. A blur of obligations happened but no shirts happened.

I really, REALLY do not like Christmas.

I do not like hearing “Jingle Bells” in every second shop and run into creepy-looking guys in red winter suits while it is 33+ degrees in Africa.  I—-*edited out a long rant about my distaste for the Silly Season.*

Anyway: good thing I got that off my chest in April, right? Now I promise not to say anything about Christmas at the end of the year. This year, at the first Jingle of a Bell, I will be going into denial. I will go into the shops with earphones on, listening to Rachmaninoff or Dave Matthews at volume settings that would make any serenading angel just shut up and go away. I will  —-*edit out more ranting.*

Soooooo. The shirt. Here it is. Christmas in April, Boss! “Geseënde Kersfees!”


Afrikaans word of the day: “Geseënde Kersfees“.  Which is what we say to each other when other people talk about Merry Christmas or Frohe Weihnachten or Feliz Navidad. “Blessed Christmas”, therefor…not Happy or Joyous or Merry. I must confess I feel blessed all year round with the husband I was fortunate to sew this shirt for…




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