No room for error, nowhere to hide…

The previous post was published without a picture.  See, I figured I could type the text while I was watching Master Chef, and then post a picture once I had taken one…which would be once I had actually, well…finished the shirt.

Which was supposed to be about half an hour later because the shirt, at that stage, was 99% complete.

Thus I jinxed the shirt. Or maybe, just maybe, I offended one of Santa’s mythical elves with my anti-Christmas rant in the last post. Either way I am embarrassed to admit responsibility for what happened next.

I completed the last 1% and  rushed over to the lucky man with shirt in one hand and camera in the other. The shirt fitted PERFECTLY.

But as he started buttoning up: “Jammer Liefie*,  I am not going to be able to wear this…at least not to the office…”


Can you spot the problem? I swear, I reminded myself 20 times NOT to make that mistake 😦


I had a scrap of the fabric left, and another end-of-roll remnant in a slightly different hue. Combining the two, I could remake the shirt (minus an inch or so on the hem and plus an obligatory back seam).


The new shirt is the “New Improved Version!  Now With Subtle Colour-Blocking!” (And manly-man buttons sewn the right manly way round.)


I ditched the pattern instructions this time, and instead used some of the sew-along tutorials (Archer shirt and Alder dress) on Grainline Studio‘s website.  Jen from Grainline is amazing, her tips and tricks for the yoke and collar worked magic.


The thing with a man’s shirt, is that there is only one way it can look, really. Yes, you can tweak the collar with a mm or 2, and play a bit with the bias on the yoke or pocket…but if I make a mistake on a dress, I would just redesign the thing to hide the error.  While a man’s shirt gives you no place to hide.  It needs to be perfectly sewn to make it a pleasure to look at.


Afrikaans word of the day: “Jammer Liefie“.

Pronounced: “yohmmer, leafy”.

Meaning:  ‘Sorry, Darling’.  Said with lots of feeling.

I think I am going to say: “Jammer Liefie, you can rather keep on buying all the RTW shirts you need.”  This was fun  a valuable exercise, but apart from the remaining two shirting pieces in the stash, I will NOT make a habit out of this!

Although… that feeling when you turn that collar over after topstitching…that feeling…that might just perhaps get addictive…

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