Geekfest – the Boys’ Version

“Geekfest” in an annual event my kids got us involved in. It brings together various subcultures of people interested in things such as Cosplay, Comic books, Animé, Robot Wars and Medieval fighting.

My daughter with her prize-winning costume, was not the only one geeking out last weekend.

My sons are dress-up fanatics too.  I guess it is because since they were little, I rarely sewed anything useful for my kids but we were always magicking up fantasy clothes from scraps and remnants. Now as almost-grown-ups they are very much into Cosplay, and even I sometimes get the feeling “My kids are weird”… but in my book costume making beats vegetating with technology, so I support their crazy creativity.

Last year, at Geekfest 2015, my sons looked like this:

geekfest 2015josendan

Big Son made his armour from recycled foam strips he got from an old archery target he dismantled. He also did all his own sewing on the costume. And sticky-taped his ears into Elven points. ( I just rolled my eyes.)

The little one’s Grim Reaper costume for last year was made between 23h30 and 00h30  in the night before Geekfest, because I had been sewing up his sister’s Harry Potter blazer until the last minute. It was just basically a piece of black trilobel with some unfinished seams.


So this year the two teenagers were  entirely taking care of their costumes. Big Son even took a few months to weave a full long-sleeved 20kg chainmail tunic, for which he wound and cut every single circle by hand:

josua  geekfest(Photo credit: “The Anonymous Jedi” – Facebook page)

Thus I had a little more time to spend on Little Son’s costume. The conversation, over a few weeks, can be summed up as follows:

“I am going to be an Assassin! From Assassin’s Creed!”

“No, you are not.  You are too small to even play Assassin’s Creed.  Choose something that suits your age.”



“I am going to be the Green Ninja from Ninjago!”

“No, you are not. You are going to be the Blue Ninja, because I have some blue fabric we can use. I am not spending money on this!”



“Uhm…Mom…can we dye this blue fabric more blue after you’ve made it?”

“No sorry, this is the blue you are getting.”



“Okay. I have some black fabric left from your sister’s Harry Potter Blazer. Can’t you be the black ninja?”

“No.  Cole has black hair.  I am blonde.”


“We will spray your hair black.”

“Yessssssss! I am going to be the Black Ninja!”


(Photo Credit:

So, without further ado, I give you: The Black Ninja from Lego Ninjago!

IMG_3513 - Copy

black ninja minions

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