About worn-out “jeanpants” and cheap dresses for cheap girls.

The last few weeks had been more-or-less-sew-less. Except for some long-overdue alterations and hectic wardrobe purges.

I discovered the programmable darning stitch on Herr Pfaff is MAGIC.  Can you see from the outside where the seat of my jeans had been darned? Of course you can’t! Or you are just too courteous to wonder how the heck I get the bums and inside seams of my jeans so worn out in the first place. (The answer is lots of horse-riding.  I should really invest in a riding-pants pattern…)

Anyway, this specific pair of jeans is practically my second skin and part of me will be lost if when I have to discard it, so I was happy to prolong its life with a few months. But I even darned all the pairs The Daughter and I were getting rid of.  Just because darning denim jeans was so gratifying ;-D


Another thing that got altered before it was donated to the school’s costume department was this little evening dress from a Chinese shop*, that was bought four years ago when she urgently needed something for a school concert.  It cost a whole R250 (1USD hovered at around 15ZAR at the time) and it sufficed as a stage costume, but it was decorated with the most hideous fabric flowers ever created, glued on with wildly applied gunk.

This is what it looked like after I replaced the fugly flowers ( I should have kept one as an example but I chucked them in the bin VERY quickly) with some slightly less bad-taste ones.

(*For the record: I do not usually buy from the local Chinese bargain stores because I am aware of the horrendous ethics in the sweatshops, but that was in the days before I dusted off my own sewing machine and it was a “we have 2 hours to find her something to wear, get ready and get on stage” situation. Forgive me.)

Another little dress I made last year – from remnants of red fabric because I was obsessively frugal – also featured on stage this week.


The Daughter did a  musical number for a drama assessment. As Lilli von Shtupp from Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles musical.


 (Photo credit: Pinterest)

I know.


This was a SCHOOL assignment, I tell you.

I watched the cellphone video from between my fingers while she cracked herself up laughing at me.  I will not share it.  EVER.

(But she was very funny, I have to admit.  And she got 90%.  Thank heavens she did not get 100, her mother would have been devastated.)

And then she told me that a classmate, who is ALSO doing a skit as a Lady of the Night, is borrowing the dress for her skit as well.

I have arrived.  Someone is finally wearing my creations.  Even if it is just to look like prostitutes }-;




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