Not the Jasper Sweater

I absolutely DESIRE  a Jasper Sweater from Paprika Patterns with all my heart.  But this blog is called “Kloonpatrone”, right?  Partly because I am CHEAP, right? So I HAD to try and clone it .

I failed.



Let me just talk about pattern prices for a moment. Here in South Africa, buying patterns actually appears to be more economical than elsewhere in the world.  The most expensive  pattern in my collection – Vogue 8940 for my son’s Leprechaun coat last year – cost me R90.00.  Average Big 5 patterns sell for between R65 and R120 in the retail stores.  Since I am a CHEAPIE who always head for the Out-Of-Print bin, I very seldom pay more than R45 for a pattern.

Internet prices make me stagger. I just looked up Vogue 8940.  $18.00 on the Vogue Website.   Almost double that on some other sites.  $18.00 translates into R270.00 in my money.

The(downloadable) Jasper Pattern is $14.  That is R210 for me.  Even though it is the most devinely designed sweatshirt I’ve ever seen I still can’t bring myself to make that purchase with the exchange rate so staggeringly against me.

The thing is, depending where I shop and EXCLUDING Chinese bargain stores, I can buy really nice looking sweaters for R250-R350.  I actually bought one recently for R150.

No, they are NOT as gorgeous as the Jasper, but they will keep me covered and warm for winter.

Get my logic?


Aaaaanyway.  I made a sweater.  It is not a Jasper.  And it looks prettier in the mirror than in the pictures, I swear. (It also looks prettier on the dressform, which is currently set to my daughter’s size 10.  Maybe I should consider making the next one a little bigger…)

I tried to clone the pattern of a  favourite sweatshirt which I thought might give the right princess seamlines, but I obviously messed something up somewhere }-;  But don’t fear, I will tweak those armscyes for the next version.

The neckline is my own freestyle draft.  I am rather pleased with it.

And initially I did not want to add a band around the hemline but the simple hem looked a bit insipid.

Money money money moooooney???

Thisis a wearable muslin made from an awful cheap polyester knit that cost me R100 for 2 metres.


That means that in this picture I am wearing a $7.00 sweatshirt that does not fit too well (yet) but is a good start for the next try.

I still want the Jasper Pattern.  That pattern drafting is genius, it looks wonderful on every single review I’ve seen of it. But until a miracle happens and our Rand can compete with other currencies again, I have to be resourceful.

I would like to know how other people feel about the economics of patterns and home sewing?






3 thoughts on “Not the Jasper Sweater

  1. It looks better than you think it does! We sometimes struggle down here in NZ as well with the cost of patterns. I tend to buy patterns second hand when I can, but clearly you don’t find indie patterns in op shops. There are some patterns that are worth the investment and it sounds like you might just have to bite the bullet here, it seems you will get endless joy from this pattern so maybe you should treat yourself just this once?

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