Musical Numbers and Multicoloured Coats

So I vowed I would not be side-tracked into sewing anything but The Dress.

So I lied. I sewed another coat – or actually: a poncho.


Because  4 days before The Daughter had her big gig which she had been looking forward to for months, calamity struck.

We do not own an electric piano.  We have an antique family-heirloom grand piano. It weights about 1 Ton and is not exactly portable.

The Daughter arranged to use her school’s keyboard for her performance on Friday evening, but on Tuesday afternoon she learned that would not be possible any more.  Devastation and total meltdown!

I called around frantically, and a dear friend agreed to lend us hers for the evening.  Now I know that if I was the owner of a Very Expensive Electric Piano, I would not easily lend it out.  But she did not want us to hire it.  When I went to pick it up I was wearing my polar fleece winter survival poncho.  She oohed and aahed about it…and I thought “Great! Now I know what to make  you as a thank you gift!”

So.  You understand why I broke my “no-sidetrack vow”?


Anyway: to make one is very simple.  You need 2m of polar fleece out of which you cut a 1.5 x 1.5m square and hem it all round.  From the remnant you cut a collar – 75cm long, 50cm wide – to sew on to the neck opening  you cut in the middle of the square.  (I can’t give you an accurate measurement for this – I deliberately under-estimate the neck opening, cut a boat-neck  and then carefully enlarge the opening as I pin and fit my collar to it.)

From the little bit of fleece left, you can make pockets if you want.

So that is my friend’s Thanks-for-the-Piano–poncho.

While I am at it, let me just show you another one of these ponchos.  This one was sewn by another friend after she had seen mine.  She took it up a notch and made it reversible, from two layers of fleece….and did gorgeous applique cherry blossoms on it:


AND while I have the opportunity –  because I am a typical Mom who can’t resist bragging –  this is a 4-minute video of what The Daughter sounded like on the borrowed electric piano:

(I do not know how to embed a Youtube video, please just click here…)

And this a little 1-minute clip just to show what The Coat she we made, looked like when she stood up and moved around:

Does the back of that coat look cool, or what?

I can’t help it, I am so prrrooooouuuuud (-;

6 thoughts on “Musical Numbers and Multicoloured Coats

  1. From a fellow singer and pianist, congratulations! You have every reason to be a proud mamma! And if I had loaned our very expensive electric piano and was presented with such a fine and special thank you gift I would be absolutely thrilled! I love the ❤ appliqué especially.


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