How we came to settle on Vogue 8729

*Insert shamey-facey-emoticon here*

I worked on developing the foundation for The Dress until a long weekend dawned and we left to spend glorious time with our horses, no sewing allowed. Many hours, I worked trying to figure out that foundation. Manymanymany hours.

Starting out with an internet sew-along for a boned foundation, which should have worked except that it was was for a no-nonsense shoulderless dress. The Dress is supposed to have a keyhole that extends onto the lace shoulder parts.  so I tried to improvise and “organically draft”  and do all the things I usually do. Until I was blue in the face.  Just check out the space-age way of fusing the ends of nylon boning:

When we got to “The art of Boob” I really ran into trouble. In none of the local sewing stores could I find anyone who could confidently help me choose ready-made breast cups.  They are not, as one would expect, marked “AA – DD”.  In every store i visited they looked different.  I wasted R100 on different sets of breast cups which do not work and are not exchangeable.   (R100 is the price of a pattern.  And as you know I am obsessive about even the price of patterns…)


My own attempt at creating a custom made one worked okay until she tried on the foundation.  I can’t even say what went wrong.  I just know EVERYTHING REFUSES TO FIT.

I don’t have the skill, I have no idea about the right material, and by Friday evening I was in some kind of sewing HELL.

So I have now officially GIVEN UP on The Dress.

We went to try on on some RTW dresses.  The ladies at the boutique were spectacularly stuck-up.  I had to commit to a budget before they would even let us look at anything!  The only dress that ticked off most of The Daughter’s boxes, was exactly five times our budget for this project.  The nasty boutique ladies would not even allow her to try it on since it exceeded the hugely hypothetical budget I had given them just to get them to talk to us.

We. Shall. NOT. Buy. Any. RTW. Dress. EVER.


Next stop: Fabric/Habby store. “We are not leaving here until we have a pattern!”

First choice: Mc Calls 7218: for a solid corset to replace my self-drafted bodice.

“Sorry, we don’t have this one.”

Second Choice: Simplicity 5006: (Now this looked like a NICE corset pattern to me!)

“Sorry, not in stock.”

Not panicking yet. Third Choice: Vogue 1495:  this thing includes the whole boned foundation thing.  With instructions.  Perfect solution!

choice 3

“Sorry, we do not have this one either.”

Right.  Panic not quite the right word, but almost. Let’s ask for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  Vogue 8729.  It ticks NONE of the boxes.  It does not have a foundation of any kind.  But the illustration looks pretty…


“Sorry Ma’m….”

At this point the long-suffering shop assistant called their other two branches. NOT. ONE. of. my. options. were. available. anywhere!!!

We got despondent and went home.  I called three other stores.  The only…I mean THE ONLY pattern on my list that was available ANYWHERE in Pretoria, was our not-actually-what-we-want option:

These are pics form the official Vogue website. The sewn-up versions I could find on the internet looked either gorgeous or frumpy. Which means the construction quality makes all the difference in sewing this dress.  I will be setting Herr Pfaff’s speed control on “slow and cautious”, to begin with…

Sooooo. Here we go again.  I should log off  my therapy blog and go cut a muslin.


(Edit:  To see how the final result looked, please visit this blog post.)

4 thoughts on “How we came to settle on Vogue 8729

  1. Well done for trying- and also well done for admitting you need to scrap it and move on-not easy to do! I think the new design will be lovely( especially the laced back). (Do you ever order patterns online?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I tried online shopping for a previous project , from Mc Calls SA. I also had to settle for waiting for 4 weeks until they had it in stock from overseas. Just the local shipping is easily more than the price of a pattern, since our Post Office service is basically defunct so courier delivery is the only option.


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