Psssst…top secret sneak peek…


It fits.

She likes it.

That is all that matters!

I am celebrating by editing the pictures with cheesy firework graphics.

Finally, I feel I am winning!

I am not even to BEGIN to write how many times I have re-done and adjusted an altered stuff in the last week…at least we solved the static electricity problem: by fabric-softening the acetate lining into obedience.  It affected its colour, unfortunately, but it still looks good under the silk.

Now for the finishing touches.  I will post the final final final pics on the day of the Matric Farewell on September 30.

Last night she dreamed.  That she went to the farewell in the half-finished dress, and two hours before midnight I finally arrive at the gate of the venue, announcing that the petticoat is finally finished, and insisting that she must put it on – there and then at the gate in front of all her friends, enemies, teachers etc.

Hah.  She is not the only one getting dreams…





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