Butterick 6325: Date Night!


I am really going to have to prove this is created from just the pattern pieces of B6325!


The fabric has a silver metallic thread woven into the stripes, which begged to be paired with an exposed metal zipper.  The one I had was 80cm long – so it had to be shortened.  I started thinking about creative ways to hide the raw end of the zip.  A downward-pointing triangle was the first idea.  But you don’t want something pointing “this way to ground zero”, right?

And then a sewing fairy on my left shoulder started whispering: “It should be more asymmetric…how about moving your zipper and your down-arrow more to the left?”

Another (more conservative) fairy on my right shoulder chirped in: “Remember you may not change the structure of the pattern.  It is in Da Rules!”


By that time I had finished cutting out, so draft changes to the pattern pieces wasn’t an option anyway.

But what if….what if…I just used what I had…?  Not taking away or adding anything (well, except facings but that should count as ‘finishing’, not ‘drafting’) just playing around with the already-cut pattern pieces?

I started pinning and draping the pieces on the dress-form.  At the time I should have taken pictures – which I didn’t – but it went something like this:


The front button closure provides quite a generous allowance for the self-facing:  6.5 cm from edge to center front line.  I decided to use that to the max.

Using the pattern pieces, the facings were cut wide enough to finish the neckline and centre front. It looks nice when zipped all the way to the top, but can also be worn with the collar unzipped:


This is how the facings sit on the inside of the top:

Sewing the exposed zip took careful positioning but was not difficult.  A horizontal flap was the final solution to finish the zipper-end.

The collar was adjusted by discarding the under-collar piece, hemming the pleated upper-collar and rotating it until I was satisfied with its position on the neckline.


After completion I was not happy with the chevrons on the right side.  That pesky sewing fairy on my left shoulder said it made my bum look big…

I had cut the lower right front and lower back pieces (the “flap” peeking out under the main garment) strictly according to the grainline arrows provided.  But I decided to re-do the “flap”, disregarding the grainline and going with how I wanted the stripes to look.

The nice fairy on my right shoulder now says it will not make my bum look big any more.

Now to get ready for Date Night.  Let me slap on some industrial strength hair-gel and check if there is a retro punk-rock band playing anywhere….

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