Butterick 6325: Arty Crafty Spirit Animal Shirt

For the final version of my Multiple Personality Project (a.k.a. Pattern Review’s One Pattern Many Looks Contest) I tried a colour-blocked shirt.  I am not a great fan of colour blocking, so I considered two not-too-contrasting colours.


To add interest I wanted to applique a few flourishes on one of the front pieces.  Initially I free-handed the design, but then I thought I wanted it to be more “meaningful”. Since fabrics I choose inevitably seem to end up containing flourishes of some sort  (whether paisley or damask or floral, I always end up with “squiggles” somewhere in the design) I wanted to make this a more structured picture…but I did not want to make it TOO picturesque.

Comments should be “Wait…what is that…a horse?” rather than “You have a horse on your shirt!”

Why a horse? Well, I wanted to use something that is true to myself.  I wanted to “stylize” the face of my mare Maxi, who is the closest thing I have to a “spirit animal”.  I wanted Maxi to peek out from the center of my shirt. (Close to my heart.  Yep. Cheezy. I know.)


I must confess to short-cutting the process via Google Images…I was too impatient to cut a stencil of Maxi’s face so I chose something that more-or-less “felt like her.”

I added a few flourishes to the enlarged image and traced it on tho “magicstitch” paper to applique on the left front of my shirt.

Initially I made it quite clear-cut and simple,  but it did not feel “spirity” or “arty” enough so I went a little more crazy and top-stitched over the design – edges deliberately unaligned (in case you wondered).

To balance the top-stitching on the applique I top-stitched everything else that I could:

The collar is single-layer again because I prefer the less structured feel of it on my stripey version to the formal style on the French version. I put some decorative stitching at the back of it just to add interest.  And once again I shortened the sleeves to 3 quarters when cutting, but I must confess to regretting that.  This thing wears nicely as a jacket and longer sleeves would have been more suitable for that purposes.


This  is definitely a heart-made-hand-made garment, and a VERY gratifying make!   I made matching cargo pants in the grey fabric, to wear with it. “Lounge pajamas!”

7 thoughts on “Butterick 6325: Arty Crafty Spirit Animal Shirt

  1. Sjoe ek verstom my aan jou kreatiwiteit. Die pers lyk amazing. Ek dink nie dis corny nie. Die manier wat jy dit gedoen het is smaakvol. (My eie smaak; sou die topstitching in blou en grys gedoen het, maar ek verstaan hoe jy gedink het)

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