Simplicity 7030: Something for the Payer of Fabric Store Invoices



The last few weeks were dominated by two men’s shirts creating a bottleneck in the sewing flow.

The man of the house had been throwing sideways comments about “never getting anything”.  Not quite true, I made him a shirt already this year (two if you consider I made the same shirt twice because I am idiot...) and a zip-down sweatshirt in which he practically lives.

I had 2 pieces of  shirting languishing in the Stash…soooooo I thought I could sommer * do two men’s shirts production-line style: I cut out both and planned a sewing order, starting with completing all the smaller details such as pockets and collars and sleeves before  assembling the shirts.

The thread on the machine would be the same for both, so it would be simple. Right?

Apart from playing around on the diagonal to make details stand out, I stuck to the pattern except at the button-bands where I made a small design change since he likes contrast on the bands of his shirts.  I planned to finish the one with a double row of top-stitching detail all over, and the other with a single row of triple- stitching.

And that dear friends, is where I shot myself in the foot.  The production process kept short-circuiting because I kept doing things like sewing the wrong contrast to the wrong shirt or mixing up the planned top-stitchings.  My mistakes usually involved that bloody triple stitch.  One of my all-time favourite machine features but not something you want to be forced to unpick.

Anyway, the shirts are finally done and the wearer is pleased as pie.


He has worn the short-sleeved shirt  already, so I could tell him to stand still quickly for a photo…but the long-sleeved one will probably hang in the closet until Autumn!

Anyway…at least now my conscience is clear.  There is no shirting fabric left in the stash and I plan to keep it that way!



Afrikaans word of the day: “sommer”.  Pronounced “saw-mehr” but in short, sharp syllables.  It means “just because” or “easy-peasy” or “no problem” or “just like that”.  But really, it does not have a satisfactory translation.  It is one of those unique irreplaceable words of my home language.

2 thoughts on “Simplicity 7030: Something for the Payer of Fabric Store Invoices

  1. He should be pleased as pie. Look at the topstitching and that fit! I made two shirts and a quilt-lined jacket for my husband. That was probably way back when the kids were small, perhaps 15 or 20 years? They are only wearing out now so I guess I’m going to have to sew another couple of shirts soon! (And throughout this whole comment I typed SKIRTS instead of SHIRTS and had to backup and correct. Must be my subconscious trying to tell me to forget about the SHIRTS!)

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