Not quite Talitha Getty

Or: “What To Wear When Going To Morocco In Winter.”

I am going to visit Morocco! Casablanca, accompanying my husband on a business trip. Well, I must still get the visa and organize someone to take care of Little Son for a week, but that has not stopped me from launching into immediate wardrobe planning!

Edit 1/23: Not happening this time around.  Little Son has health issues which means I am going to have to home-school him for a while and  I will not be able to take trips without him. But still.  Wardrobe planning is always good for the morale, so I am sewing on!


Research on the internet on sites such as Trip Advisor yielded some guidelines:

  1.  Modesty. It is a Muslim country.  Show some respect and cover your shoulders and legs, and if wearing jeans, wear long tops.
  2. Layers.  The weather is unpredictable.
  3. Do not go over-exotic.  The locals are going to laugh at you.

After browsing the “sensible” sites, I indulged in Pinterest searches like “Moroccan Style”…with mostly not-helpful results:

I mean.  Really. REALLY!

This is EXACTLY what you do NOT want to wear when visiting Morocco, according to people with brains. You are just going to get the sort of attention you do NOT want.

This picture really made me shake my head:


It was only after reading about the chick in the picture that I appreciated the context of it, but before that the sinister-looking figure in the background just creeped me out. (This is apparently an iconic picture by Lord Lichfield, of tragic 60’s style icon Talitha Getty and her billionaire husband Paul Getty II. Now I know.)


I have sewing to do.  These are the inpiration pics for my travel wardrobe:

And these are the fabrics I have so far:


Since I won’t go to Morocco, I will aim this whole exercise at (a) having stuff to wear in winter and (b)  The Pattern Review Sudoku wardrobe challenge!



6 thoughts on “Not quite Talitha Getty

  1. Oh you will have a blast! The souk is incredible( though you WILL be hassled a lot!). Look for shoes,beads ,scarves( which could become garments of course).and you have to go to the Yves St Laurent garden if you can- the colours are fabulous! Bon voyage!

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