Sew Sever-ely Uninspired

After starting the year in a wave of enthusiasm with two kids off to ‘varsity’ and the school run suddenly almost insignificant.  Instead  I unexpectedly find myself a home-school-mom.

The first week-and-a-half has been the stuff nervous breakdowns are made of.  I NEVER considered home-schooling.  I honestly admire women who do it successfully…but I also shudder at some of the results I have seen after disastrous home-school decisions.  And my kids always (correction…MOSTLY, life isn’t perfect after all…) loved school.  Especially Little Son.  An extrovert, he flourishes in the public school situation.

He has however developed Sever’s Disease.  We have been in and out of doctors’ and physiotherapists’ and podiatrist’s rooms since August.  According to all internet sources, the condition is supposed to go away in “two to six weeks”…well, my little man has been on crutches for five months.  We hoped that after the December holiday the rest would have resulted in recovery, but two weeks into the school term, the symptoms were back worse than before.  So, with the consent of his school, I keep him at home so he can rest and recover, and the teachers send us all the work so we can keep up until he has seen a specialist, which will thankfully be on Monday. Hopefully, then we will know how to proceed.

All I can say is: “Home School Moms of the World, I Salute You!


Very little sewing being done.  Not nothing at all, mind you.  I completed two unfinished projects – the Pussy-bow dress and a gorgeous LBD that was a by-product of last year’s epic formalwear dress journey.

The Daughter is head-over-heels swept up in college life, and there has truly been just no time to pose in Mummy’s finally finished projects! I wanted to brag with them in either the PR UFO contest, or ElizabethMadeThis’s Day/Night Dress Challenge  but due to lack of photos I missed the deadline.  As they say in Afrikaans:  “Mostert na die maal!” (Mustard after the meal) but I finally got her to stand still for two pics.  And then realised I will have to shorten the hem of the lining on that LBD.  Pfffffffff…..

But I do dream.  I want to do the PR Sudoku Wardrobe Challenge, so badly!  Maybe on Monday we will get good news, and then I can get back into my sewing room…


7 thoughts on “Sew Sever-ely Uninspired

  1. Hi Klarisabet. So sorry to hear about your son. Hope you get some answers on Monday. Your challenge looks really interesting! A tip if you haven’t made the Marcy trousers yet- they come up
    VERY short- I made them and love them but check the leg length. looking forward to seeing your makes-We had a scare with our sons health a couple of years ago and I found that sewing wa a great therapy so try to get into that room and get started!
    P.S. Are you on Instagram? I am @sarahjw70 and have connects with lots of sewers.

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    • Hi, thanks for the kind words. The Instagram bug is trying to get his teeth into me…I understand that is more “the new” social media. I opened a username but did not figure out how the whole networking thing really worked, I actually tried finding you by searching for your name but I think I chose another Sarah…thanks for sending the correct name! I love blogging, it is such a great way to order my thoughts and clear my head and even one smile from a reader makes it easier to move on (-; I used to have a blog on an Afrikaans site which unfortunately petered out, but during those years I made some wonderful friends who did not just stay virtual.


      • I love reading blogs but I am not organised enough nor good enough with the written word( spoken is a different matter!) to write one. That’s why I was persuaded to open my IG one and give a few details on that.I do get asked questions which I am happy to answer. To each her own!

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