Sewing Space and Sudoku Progress

(*Procrastination alert*)

Just look how the Daughter’s winter casual wardrobe is coming along!  I only have 5 items left to sew.  I have grown tired of the black and grey palette. Although I have all the fabric I originally planned for the remaining items, I decided it is time to rather go shopping again.  We need to bring some red in, goodness: woman shall not live by black and grey alone!


I took some time today to tidy my sewing space, and then I took a few pictures.  High time I also document a blog post about the little corner of the house where I spend most of my spare time!


The space is really very small.  It used to be a laundry room, and the floor space is only 2.5m x 2.4m!


I moved my washing machine and dryer to a little corner in a passage linking the laundry to the kitchen.  (There is just enough space in the walk-through to erect the ironing board in front of the washing machines, but when I work I  mostly put the ironing board in front of the built in closets and push the dress form into a corner.  It is then quite a mission to get anything out of the closets – where the household linen as well as my modest fabric stash is kept.)

The wardrobe has been mine since I was a toddler.  It is now the “Unfinished Projects Closet”.  As well as the “This Was A Mistake” Closet.  The mirror comes in handy for quick fittings.

On top of my childhood wardrobe are two vintage suitcases that also used to belong to my aunt.  They are full of my kids’ childhood toys now.


The filing cabinet and chest of drawers are full of craft supplies and stationery.  I painted everything in the room  – the free standing furniture and shelves – the same cream colour as the built in closets.  It immediately made the little space seem larger.


My sewing table used to be a neighbor’s woodwork table in his garage.  The table top was very damaged, but after covering it with a layer of the cream paint, I sanded it down again to show the grain of the wood as well as the distressed surface.  I love the result.


I keep all my sewing stuff in tins.  Each tin has a story or was given to me by a special friend.  The biscuit tin with the Audrey-Hepburn type picture on it, was my aunt’s tin full of sewing things like bias binding and zippers. She passed away two years ago.  When I open it, I still get “her smell” and I miss her terribly.

The red tea tin with the Japanese girl was among my mother’s needlework supplies, filled with curtain rings.


The wooden fold-open sewing box belonged to my late grandmother. The thread in it comes from her stash.


The champagne box contained a bottle we emptied on my 40th birthday (-;  It now houses a selection of ribbon and lace.  Every container on those shelves is not just sentimental, but serves a specific storage purpose as well.


(The frog sitting on the Moët box was a toy I bought myself at a Church Bazaar when I was 8 years old…)

Though the space is small, it opens directly into a corner of the garden so I never need to feel claustrophobic.  Sometimes I just sit at “my desk” to have my coffee and browse the net in a quiet moment.



It really is my “safe” and creative space. Though I still take over the rest of the house when cutting on the dining room table or living room floor, it is nice to have a little nook where I don’t have to put projects away in order for some other family activity to happen.

Finally, just for fun:  The left-over color pencils from my eldest two kids’ school years.  For the last two years I stopped buying any colour pencils for number 3.  He can just grab whatever color he needs from “the stash” {-;



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