Of Corseted Maidens and Checkered Bards

My two big kids had their yearly cosplay highlight – Geekfest 2017 – today.

I know that my daughter did not choose to go dressed up in a scary siren (complete with a mutant sword comprised of muscle tissue and bone) because she is bloodthirsty at heart, but because she browsed characters and costumes to choose something that would be (a) doable without physically altering her own appearance too much (b) technically executable (c) a creative challenge (d) economic (e) authentic…meaning that at least she did play the game a bit herself at one stage.

Enter “Trish” from “Devil May Cry”  (Mommy winces and stops just short of crossing herself)


The pattern she used is Simplicity 2067.

And that is as much as I can really say about the construction!

She did not ask me for any help.  The pattern hack was entirely figured out by herself, and she knew she had only one chance to sew on the faux leather, so she did some sort of muslin beforehand.  There was some nursing of sore fingers from lots of  top-stitching faux leather by hand. There was a re-make of the striped cotton insert because the first attempt did not work out. But next thing I knew, she presented the corset.  Pretty good fit!

She hand-painted the detail on the side- panels:

A lot of effort went into the sword construction.  She cut it out of cardboard and covered the shape with expandable foam which she then carved into shape and textured and painted to get the desired effect.  When I first saw it I went: “Uhm…it looks rather like..well…meat…”

“Well yes, Mom, it is supposed to look like meat.  It is a mutant sword that takes on the flesh and bone of victims…”  (Or something like that.  I kind of went into denial at some point.)

But is it art?

Well yes.  Expandable foam, modelling clay, a toilet roll holder somewhere, duct tape, found objects…. Yes. I would say It Is Art.

These two pics I stole off her Facebook page, taken at the venue:

At least her brother – a.k.a. Cacafonix The Bard – lightened the mood:

(Self-sewn, self drafted costume as well… with less than minimum help from me because he does not listen to advice much anyway.)

At the end of the day they both came home with starry eyes after all the good feedback and comments they got at the event.

I may not always understand what they are about, but I am boundlessly proud of their creativity!


* I am a Christian and I brought up my kids to be Christians. Their interest in some computer games and subcultures make me uncomfortable.  But I am also a very realistic person, so I know my kids ARE NOT ME and neither are they the sum total of just one of their interests. They are well rounded individuals…(well most of the time)…


7 thoughts on “Of Corseted Maidens and Checkered Bards

    • A year or two ago I seriously considered joining them, dressed as the White Witch from Narnia. I think sewing a costume with lots of fantasy details would be extremely gratifying! But Mommy will stick to sewing useful stuff, rather…

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  1. Hulle is ongeloolik kreatief. Daar is baie ander plekke waar hulle kon uitgehang het wat jou baie meer onrustig sou laat voel het. Hulle het die fondasie by jou gekry om op die ‘regte pad’ te bly en hulle sal 🙂 My jongste was erg GOTH op universiteit, swart alles en donker moods. Ek was benoud en het op my kniee gebly. Tuns out sy was die ene wat haar vriendinne in hul issues gehelp het, (paar van hulle hspitaal toe geneem na dwelmoordosisse en selfmoordpogings), is daar deur en nou getroud en die beste mamma van 2 kleinseuns.

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