Un(?)(der)wearables…the last frontier

I considered doing a burlesq-ish post here, taking selfies in my underwear and manipulating them into artful pictures to make my BEIGE underwear look as sexy as possible.

I understand it is not PC to say flesh-coloured or nude, and I respect why, but oh! to say I made a “beige bra” sounds SO VERY very middle-aged…

Anyway…to show of my UNDIES. Of which I am proud.  I want to say this is once where the end results really look better on my imperfect body than on the dressform, even though I gave her some extra padding! Good feeling!

(For the record: I LIKE beige.  We could choose anything from purple to silver and black to carnival pink for our kit for a 2-day Basic Underwear Techniques class at the end of last year.  I choose beige.  Because I am adventurous like that, haha.)

It was with a local teacher who designs her own patterns and also sews  custom underwear for clients.  She has been in business since the 80’s! Her website can be viewed here.


In a thoroughly enjoyable two days  she demystified scary underwear-sewing with lycra and lace.  I finished one bra and one panty during the course (I am afraid I lagged behind because I am a very slow seamstress!) and cut out two more bras from the kit supplied.  But I am afraid those two were in danger of becoming unfinished projects.

A while ago the teacher contacted us to invite us to a morning tea, and come show and tell and ask questions if we had any.  In order to have something to show, I dug out the scraps of lycra and the instruction sheets.  Wow, amazing how quickly one can forget stuff you learned!

I am very thankful that she provided the incentive to get down and dirty again!  I now have three bras from the kit, and could “test drive” the different styles.

The first one – “Charné” –  is an un-wired style ( comfortable, very supportive but not very sexy on me at all).  I don’t think I will use this pattern again. One does want to feel sexy.  Even if one is truly beige and middle-aged…


The second was an underwired lacy bra –  “Bernadette”.  A little more feminine, but the upper edge of the stretch lace is reinforced with narrow elastic, and that gives me a bit of a “boob-muffin”.  Not nice.  But I will play with this pattern – it has potential.


The third – “Dolene” is also an underwired style.  I made mine just in lycra, but the upper cups can be done in lace.  This is my favourite.  It fits like a dream and gives a lovely shape.bra3

All the patterns can be padded if you choose – we were taught how to in the class.

I bought a black kit from her as well.  We have now shown we are not afraid of beige, right? Time to release my inner Dita Von Teese…


EDIT after the weekend:  “KLARISABET’s SECRET”
(Move over, Victoria!)

I could not resist doing the Burlesque thing.  I, a respectable aunty of almost fifty, took cellphone selfies of my underwear.  And now I update this post with it because I think most of the clicks on it has already come and gone, but still I want to show off to SOMEBODY {-;  

EDIT AGAIN AFTER A FEW DAYS…  Ja-well. I learned my lesson.  No sooner had I modeled my underwear on my little blog which is read by on average 10 respectable-looking fellow seamstresses, than some dude decides to copy my post to his blog (which is quite possibly one of those spammy computer blog things that randomly posts by copying other people’s blogs. ) Anyway, this person never had the courtesy to introduce himself or ask permission to copy anything, so I do not consider him worth my time, but I realised that when you open the WordPress Reader and see “search billions of WordPress blogs” at the top op the page, still do not automatically assume that you get lost in the sea of anonimity and model pictures of your homemade bra on your own little blog.  Lesson learned.

To the bad-mannered bloke I just want to say, on the one-in-a-billion chance that he comes back and reads here:  “Not cool, Mamparra”!


I unpicked a favourite old bra of mine (note the tattered lace and the stretched out lycra!) and made a pattern out of it.



I lined black lace with a layer of quite heavy beige lycra for the bottom cup.   I love the result, it is even more comfy than the original.

I am thoroughly addicted to lingerie making now!


11 thoughts on “Un(?)(der)wearables…the last frontier

    • I also see the colour is now sometimes called “ballet”. I first became aware of this when I read a blog of someone I admire, taking on Alabama Chanin about the issue. At first glance I felt irritated. Then I realized how irritated and/or excluded the designation “flesh coloured” could make someone else feel. In all truth, those bras are not even the colour of MY nude flesh, (I am so light-skinned I am almost transparent…) so imagine the insult to a dark-skinned woman!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m not aware of what the names of these colours are. I do like something “calm” when choosing under colours – just in case they show through or something like that. You did a fine job with your’s! Good idea using something else as a pattern too! Anyway I swore never to publish any words or photos on my blog that I wasn’t comfortable with some scummy people in wherever seeing but who knows what goes through these guys’ brains. I always approve comments on my blog too before they get posted because I have caught so many attempts at posting unwelcome, nasty comments on my blog.


  2. These are all lovely. I read that post too, and honestly, it was not something I thought about either. I like the idea of “champagne” too. Sorry about the creeper. It’s sad that it’s at times hard to talk about this sewing that we all so enjoy sometimes without a random making you feel very unsafe in the world.


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