Stitching together Words instead of Seams

I am currently committing quite a bit of time and enthusiasm to a non-sewing project.

Or wait, that is not quite true:  It is actually ALL ABOUT sewing, but does not involve any sewing on MY part.

It is a creative writing project about which I am very excited, but of course I do not want to give away too much too early.

In the course of the project I  will invite some of the people I meet to visit this blog, just so they can get a idea of who I am as a home seamstress, and what my “tone of voice” is when I write.  It is especially to those visitors that I want to say: “Thank you for your time, and for coming over here to read!”  (And if anyone that I invited over wants to get an idea of how I sound in Afrikaans, please click on the Weghol-Windgebede tab at the top of this blog.)

Let me tell you, I am meeting the most humbling creative people lately… I constantly have to stop myself from over-using adjectives like “irrepressible”, “unconquerable”, “formidable”, “brilliant”, “resourceful”, “inspired”, “ingenious”…. I could go on and on…

I hope to be able to tell more about this project in the near future!


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