External pressure, please!

I am going to enter a PR contest again.


The idea is to use those patterns that have been sitting uncut in the stash.

A key rule is that it has to be COMPLETELY unused:  if you sewed one view/garment from a pattern before, you can not use it in this contest.  The focus is on completely unused patterns which are running the risk of never getting sewn.

My personal reason for entering this challenge is to force myself to work through some of these so I can have an excuse for buying more patterns without feeling so guilty!

These are  all the uncut ‘envelope’ patterns I own – except for two evening dress patterns which I do not include here:


With the exception of 3 of them – the two still-in-print winter tops in the first picture and the Marcy Tilton dress in the second, all of these patterns had been impulse buys out of OOP or discount bins.

Usually “because that looks kind of useful.”

There is also a bra pattern, complete with fabric and notions kit that I got when I did the lingerie course last year:



And then there are these two “classics” I kept from ‘Your Family’ Magazines since the year 2000!


So that make 19 patterns in all.  (Including the aforementioned evening dresses, that means I own a nice figure of 21 uncuts…oh wait! There is that corset pattern I bought for the daughter…22, then!)

Winter sewing is priority now, of course, but for some of these patterns I have been hoarding the stashed fabric as well.

Let me see how many of them I can finally conquer in July!


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