Medieval Feast Coming Up

My big son – the one who weaves his own chainmail and sews his own gambisons and costumes – has his 21st birthday this month.  I am planning, and testing recipes, and ordering Honey Mead…because it will be a Medieval-themed party.

This is the Birthday Boy:  in a robe he made for a Medieval Fayre we attended last weekend:



And this is Friar Tuck-in fraternizing with like-minded folks:



Though I am (as always) pretty pleased with him sewing his own costume, what  I really want to share is the menu I have painstakingly researched.  This was lots of googling and reading and ongoing testing of recipes.  The food in the Middle ages was actually rather interesting!

I am going to put the menus for every separate course on different scrolls to be delivered to each table as the next course is announced….the anecdotal information should provide some conversation starters!

Josua 21 Menu

(Ah! that is me having uploaded my first ever PDF file on to a blog…)

And of course, having told everyone this is a costume party, I am going to have to do some serious sewing to have our whole family looking the part!

Didn’t quite think that through, now did I?

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