Who, What and Why?

Sometimes writing about stuff to do is just as much fun as actually doing the stuff.  Other times it is easier to sit around writing about the stuff rather than actually doing the stuff…

“KLOONPATRONE” means “Cloned Patterns”.

This blog is about my personal sewing projects, mostly cloning garments I self-draft, based on the idea of a pattern or inspiration picture. I have no pattern-drafting training, so I think what I do can be called “Organic Drafting”.

I have a pattern-following handicap:  I have yet to make anything in which I do not modify the pattern in some way, whether by plan or by accident.  I am The Duchess of the B-plan, Princess of the C-Plan and bloody QUEEN of the D(*ammit!*), E(*eeeeek!*) and F(***-it!) plans, because sewing projects seldom go as planned.

It is not about fashion. I have on occasion even cloned a blouse from my Grandmother’s bound volume of “Girls’ Own Annual” – around 1920. (Might still blog about it, maybe.) So, most definitely not about fashion.

EDIT: The page “WINDGEBEDE” contains once-off posts in my first language, Afrikaans, which might not always be about sewing. I use it just because I occasionally need a place to share thoughts until the mood swings again and I delete the post or replace it with another. Bear with me if you can not understand it or if it is irrelevant, and thank you for reading my sewing related posts.



4 thoughts on “Who, What and Why?

  1. Hellooo!
    Just come across your post re Vogue V8729 patterns. I went searching for HELP to get my head around this pattern and came across your fabulous pics. Yesterday was a trip to search for school final year formal with my 17 year old daughter. We were about to hit the strip of ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ shops in Fitzroy, Melbourne, (with much dread on my part – me and shopping … no go!) when I suggested we swing by my fave fabric shop with a coercive ‘let’s just see what we find here first’. So my dear one found this pattern and we got the fabric and now I am home with the daunting task of beginning! I was so heartened to hear about your sewing style – SO much like mine, I rarely get through a task without having made mistakes and having to modify out of necessity. I will be bookmarking this post and coming back to it. Thanks Jen

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    • Yeah! It is so nice to hear that someone found the breadcrumbs I left in the forest as I was sewing that dress (-; When I started out I also combed the internet with a fine-tooth comb to find versions of it. Please keep in touch, I would LOVE to see yours when you are done! I don’t know if you noticed, but on one of my posts during the epic project, was this comment which I found incredibly helpful: “I made this dress. The bow was from a poly bridal satin from fabric.com. I cut it on a fold and put 4 layers of organza and 4 layers of netting. It gave it enough support to hold the shape. As for the petticoat, I ordered a five layered one from Amazon for 20 bucks. Best 20 bucks spent ever! I have pictures of it on my Instagram account. #rhondaleesweet ”
      Enjoy sewing this pattern Jen, you will not be sorry!


  2. I just found your blog after admiring your creations on Pattern Review. Can you tell me more about the double-collared blouse (?) which heads one of your blog pages? Thank you for sharing.

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