Body shaming? Get over it.

Oookay, daughter of mine, let's look at this picture: That, if you don't know, is Pippa Middleton.  She is, like, the Kardashian sister-in-law of British royalty.  A significant part of her life consists out of choosing outfits for glamorous occasions, like this fashion show where she survived awkwardly in the front row.  Even fashion goddesses … Continue reading Body shaming? Get over it.


The Butchered Linen Upsidedowninsideout Jacketcapecoat

The PR Sewing Bee Round 3 (for which I did NOT qualify) was breathtakingly inspiring. "Make a reversible garment." Now, I have gone on before about my failed efforts at reversible jackets. But then, eavesdropping on the contest discussion, someone mentioned a reversible Marcy Tilton jacket pattern.  Marcy, my Marcy! Off I googled, and discovered … Continue reading The Butchered Linen Upsidedowninsideout Jacketcapecoat