Pattern Review 3-2-1 Challenge

This is what you get when you can not decide what to wear to an occasion you are silly nervous about, and you have the excuse of a Pattern Review Contest to sew lots of possibilities! (And then in the end you chicken out and sew a Little Black Dress.) The idea was a capsule … Continue reading Pattern Review 3-2-1 Challenge


The Little Black Magic Dress

I made a LBD! Never thought I'd do it, but I was so thankful I did.  Mc Calls 6886.  Legendary pattern. It was for a function to which I was planning to wear something much more shiny. I am so glad I rather went for this in the end! I was almost overdressed as it … Continue reading The Little Black Magic Dress

‘I’ for ‘Inspired’ not ‘C’ for ‘Carbon Copy’

"We believe designing is about pure and intense emotions. It's about feeling." (Quote from TM Collection by Teresa Martins' Website) When I chose the outfit I wanted to copy for Linda's Designin'December Challenge, I had a specific dinner in mind, which would be at a very classy Thai restaurant in very classy Nelson Mandela Square...where … Continue reading ‘I’ for ‘Inspired’ not ‘C’ for ‘Carbon Copy’

The Butchered Linen Upsidedowninsideout Jacketcapecoat

The PR Sewing Bee Round 3 (for which I did NOT qualify) was breathtakingly inspiring. "Make a reversible garment." Now, I have gone on before about my failed efforts at reversible jackets. But then, eavesdropping on the contest discussion, someone mentioned a reversible Marcy Tilton jacket pattern.  Marcy, my Marcy! Off I googled, and discovered … Continue reading The Butchered Linen Upsidedowninsideout Jacketcapecoat