Medieval Feast Coming Up

My big son - the one who weaves his own chainmail and sews his own gambisons and costumes - has his 21st birthday this month.  I am planning, and testing recipes, and ordering Honey Mead...because it will be a Medieval-themed party. This is the Birthday Boy:  in a robe he made for a Medieval Fayre … Continue reading Medieval Feast Coming Up

Friends and Fantastic Beasts

This is a "Brag with Other People's Talents" post.   I want to do a  Feature Post to show off the work of my friend Clarissa.  She of the 3D applique poncho I showed you here.  (I "stole" that picture at the time...Hi Clarissa! I knew you wouldn't mind!) Clarissa is a Polar Fleece ARTIST. … Continue reading Friends and Fantastic Beasts