Fail February: Reversible Recall

Red of Sew Red-y is helping a lot of us to 'get closure' on our less successful projects this month, with her Fail February initiative. I got stuck on the third item for my Sudoku grid, and with stuck I mean properly stranded, taking three weeks to produce an unlined unfitted cape-like jacket with unfinished seams. Thing … Continue reading Fail February: Reversible Recall

Butterick 6325: Arty Crafty Spirit Animal Shirt

For the final version of my Multiple Personality Project (a.k.a. Pattern Review's One Pattern Many Looks Contest) I tried a colour-blocked shirt.  I am not a great fan of colour blocking, so I considered two not-too-contrasting colours. To add interest I wanted to applique a few flourishes on one of the front pieces.  Initially I … Continue reading Butterick 6325: Arty Crafty Spirit Animal Shirt