Vintage with a Modern Twist

I got The Pictures  from the photographer this week!  I compressed a few so I could include a hundred quite a lot in this blog post. * Happy, happy sigh * Do pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy with me: Meeting at the local "Burger Bistro" a few hours before the Matric Farewell … Continue reading Vintage with a Modern Twist

Design Acupuncture

I just have to dedicate a post to this: the finishing of the dress.  Although I planned not to post about it again until The Big Day, it is still dominating my life too much to ignore! Today was dedicated to cutting shapes out of the lace remnants and then melting the edges of the … Continue reading Design Acupuncture

Vogue 8729: Bodice with Shadow-sweetheart Neckline Modification

Making steady progress, let me just say we can call this one: "It Is All About The BASTE." I have never basted so much and so carefully on any project EVER! And let me also just say: yesterday we went shoe-shopping. (Unsuccessfully so far.). In the shops it felt like every second dress had a … Continue reading Vogue 8729: Bodice with Shadow-sweetheart Neckline Modification

How we came to settle on Vogue 8729

*Insert shamey-facey-emoticon here* I worked on developing the foundation for The Dress until a long weekend dawned and we left to spend glorious time with our horses, no sewing allowed. Many hours, I worked trying to figure out that foundation. Manymanymany hours. Starting out with an internet sew-along for a boned foundation, which should have … Continue reading How we came to settle on Vogue 8729