Sudoku Busted!

The contest gallery for the Pattern Review Sudoku Contest is filling up.  The wardrobes the ladies are creating are wonderful.  This is one of the highest-standard challenges I have seen taking shape yet, and still: it does not feel like a competition at all…on the discussion board everyone is helping each other out with advice, suggestions and motivation.  I am so glad I did this one!

It was super gratifying to see my grid come to life over the last 2 months: from a sticky-tape storyboard with fabric scraps and line drawings, to a cupboard full of winter clothes.   Quite a few plan-changes happened along the way:

This morning I bit the bullet and played (a) stylist (b) model and (c) photographer…and this evening I played (d) graphic designer, creating the composite pictures on Microsoft Excel instead of some smart photocollage program.

This is what a DIY Onewoman fashion shoot looks like:


Spot the camera set on auto-shoot, the computer on which I ticked off Sudoku combinations as I photographed them and the Moroccan rug which I specifically included on the “staging” to have a “X Marks The Spot” position to which I could quickly rush after pressing the 10-second self-timer.

Great fun was had by all.  The fashion shoot team I only photographed the 10 main Sudoku combinations – across, down and diagonal – but in reality I can get a lot more if I play “Advanced” Sudoku.

*insert nerdy, clever-looking emoticon here*


I just did NOT have the energy to photograph ALL the combinations!  These are the shots I used in my composite picture  for the PR Competition entry… plus 2 random ones where I got messed up  (-;

To conclude:  I am indecently proud of this collection, but the item I probably enjoyed most to sew was this reversible bag out of remnants from the other garments:

reversible 4

I think I now have the reversible bug out of my system!

11 thoughts on “Sudoku Busted!

    • To be honest…I ate drank and slept Sudoku Grid for the last few weeks. I think the family is freakin’ fed up with Mommy and her Sudoku Grid… I have now packed up my sewing machines an vowed to give it a break for a while!

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  1. I think your items have turned out more than great, in fact stunning! I own quite a few of the same patterns, not yet sewn. I am definitely going to have to buckle down! I adore your jacket and two of your trouser makes in particular! The fabrics you’ve chosen suit the patterns and you very well. I’ve seen some of your patterns made with two or more fabrics, I think your choice shows the cut of the garment much more by your use of a single fabric. Again, absolutely gorgeous!


  2. This is a great collection. You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this and everything goes together so well. I just finished my last item…I’m a little fearful of the grid! 🙂 I love the scarf with the print pants!


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