The Little Black Magic Dress


I made a LBD! Never thought I’d do it, but I was so thankful I did.  Mc Calls 6886.  Legendary pattern.

It was for a function to which I was planning to wear something much more shiny. I am so glad I rather went for this in the end! I was almost overdressed as it was! But I still had to add a touch of artistic bling to the basic magic of M6886:

The nicest moment was when I sewed the facing in to turn it over. It looked just so magical:


Why is it that I never get around to taking really, really good full-length pictures of things I am proud of during the ACTUAL WEARING? Best I got, was one my husband took of me after we got home. This is to brag with my shoes. which cost 5 times as much as the fabric for the dress. And yes, I know it is bad manners to speak about how much your shoes cost, but THIS IS WHY WE SEW, right?


Ai, unfortunately he is not much of a photographer.

Edit: I later found this not-too-bad one of the dress at the event. Note the dress, not the hit-by-a-bus facial expression:

dutiotskloof image


I am going to frame this dress, nevermind a picture of it (-;

A momento of a very special evening.


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