Swimming under the Rainbow

…and some Jazz Photo Fun.

Before I forget:  Happy 2017 to all concerned!

I have not sewn anything for almost a month! The dress in the last post has been standing unfinished on the dressform since I last blogged.


We’ve had the opportunity to use time-share owned by my husband’s company in the Central Drakensberg, since my oldest kids were babies. I have hundreds of pictures of the view from the veranda, but it never gets tired!

We went to “Our Mountain Home”, and though I seriously contemplated taking Herr Pfaff along, we were already packing – in addition to clothes and food for 8 people for a week –  a heavyweight microscope for stargazing, 4 bicycles, horse-riding helmets (bulky things, those…) and an enormous new electric piano.  Don’t ask.

I concentrated on my neglected camera skills instead.  This is where we spent the first day of 2017.  I believe swimming in a rainbow at the foot of a waterfall, simply MUST be a good start to the year!


My camera is 9 years old and was not expensive, and most cellphones nowdays have better features than my little Canon. But it has served me well and continues to do so!

When we got back, good news waited for the daughter: she was chosen to perform as upcoming artist at a local Jazz Festival in February.  The organizers wanted publicity pictures.

I am afraid we were in a spot, regarding that.

Now for a confession.This is my personal opinion, and I give allowance to people who feel different, but I feel strongly about it:

I have never “pimped” my child as an artist.  I stand appalled at how the “talent industry” works.  The marketing pressure on kids is ridiculous.

Since she has been little, I have always been firm about her being noticed – IF SHE WANTED to be noticed – for her performance, not for her looks or “image”.

She has been noticed.  Very much so.  And she has done it on her own, without mom and dad pumping huge amounts of money into “marketing” her with the help of photo sessions, custom wardrobes and so on.

I am incredibly proud of her.

But…now, we needed pictures.  Quickly.  As in “this afternoon, please!”

No problem.  I have a camera, don’t I?

Let’s just say the photo session was fun *insert HUGE laughter emoticon with tears running down cheeks, here*. It took LOTS of tries, but she edited a few select shots, and The People were quite happy (-;

Behind the scenes vs her edit:


Check out the electrical socket that she magically made to disappear:



Some “sassy jazz lady at the piano” shots:
We duct-taped a curtain over the pics at the back to get a more flattering background.

And I stand ashamed.  I wanted to give the inside of the piano a proper spring cleaning but there was just no time!  So the last edit is mine, to camouflage how dirty my home actually is.

Right…now we have that out of they way, I should go complete my unfinished projects so that she has something to wear for the festival!

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