Memory Lane: My Son’s Dashing MF Outfit


Instead of working, I am going to traipse down memory lane.  Last year I wanted to start bloggin more regularly but didn’t get around to it much, so at the time I created the Matric Farewell outfit for Big Son I did not document the process except for the final results on PatternReview.


I made a long jacket, a vest, and a failed pair of pants which he fortunately could swop for a better-fitting pair he had in his closet.  I also made the cravat, and planned on making the shirt  but at the last moment I found a perfectly well-made RTW one for VERY CHEAP. ( I should really start saying “economical”, it sounds more classy…)


He WANTED green and even though I teased him about looking like a Leprechaun he wouldn’t budge. He also wanted the bottom front of the jacket to fold back to show the lining, as in a colonial style military costume. This time  I wouldn’t budge.  I had to convince him he is going to a Black Tie Dinner, not a fancy-dress ball!

We could not find paisley lining for the vest in green – so I hand-stained every inch of the blue we could find.  Twice, because in my amateurness I made the first version of the vest perfect but TOO SMALL.


In the end, we were both completely pleased with the results of the jacket and vest and cravat. (The trousers were a fiasco, on this picture he is wearing them but from behind they were hideous.)


Vogue 8940

Now, because I am CHEAP…let me explain the “economics” here.  The cost of his outfit was about R1200.  A unique designer jacket alone would have set him back at least R3000.  (Let’s not confuse that price with relatively sensibly-priced “boring” suits such as the one he already had in his closet, which we bought for R2000 the previous year when he was the MC for the same event.)


Vogue 8940

But the look on his face when he left for his Matric Farewell in his mom-made outfit that he described as “exactly what I saw in my head”, and the value of everything I learned in the execution?


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