About trees and apples and who the *** has my good scissors now?

Sunday afternoon.  I am in my sewing nook, staring dejectedly at the next muslin version of That Dress.  I need to pin something back…but there is not a pin to be found around my workspace.

Because on the dining room table and on the ping-pong table in the family room, my two teenagers are busy with their own dreams and with my scissors, pins and other tools.

The Daughter has, for her second ever sewing project, decided she needs a coat.


At least is says “easy” on the envelope, right?

Big Son has been working all week quilting his “gambeson” to wear under his chainmail tunic one day when he joins the Medieval Fighting Club.


Traditionally a gambeson is made up out of many layers of linen.  He is taking a shortcut.  Top layer of unbleached calico. Middle layer of batting. Bottom layer FLORAL PRINT polycotton I inherited from an aunt’s stash but is too feminine for even MY liking.

I suggested he use it as an extra fabric layer but instead he decided to skimp on the unbleached calico. (He is a student on an ungenerous allowance…)

A True Knight Is Not Afraid Of His Inner Floral Polycotton.

And my daughter has already decided on the adjustments she will be making to the Mc Calls pattern.

I have obviously set a bad example here.




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