The Don’t-Drop-The-Ball Tunic

” Tomorrow, when the sun is shining and I have a family member who is awake and can hold a camera, I will update this post with a pic of me in this tunic.” (At that stage it was 00.55 and I just wanted to meet the deadline for the Natural Fabrics challenge.)

I finally asked Little Son to hold that camera. Edit (7/2/2016):


Here are the paintings before I cut them up.

The biggest one was about 1 square meter and hung framed in the family room until my daughter decided she hated clowns when she was 6 years old, because she was convinced one tried to run her over with a unicycle at a birthday party. Even now at 18, as I was starting to put together the design for this tunic, she wanted reassurance that she would not see the clown’s face grinning at her from Mom’s backside or anywhere else:


My son and I did the tiger one together when he was 4 (he is almost 20 now) – he drew the picture, I outlined it on silk and then I helped him colour it in:


And this one was a sampler I made when I did the initial silkpainting course, but I never framed it for the kitchen wall as planned:


The joy of painting with silk is that the flow of the colour is gloriously unpredictable.  I marveled again at the hues and effects I got when I first painted this.

The mottled effects come from sprinkling course salt over the paint as it dries, the fine stipply effects come from fine salt on the drying paint, and the colour variations are endless by dropping water or mixing colors on the silk. Some detail up close: (click to enlarge pics.)


And this is what the patched design looked like before I appliqued it to the tunic:

You can see the curved french seams’ shadows.

I could not cut away the WHOLE clown, then I would have had even less fabric to work with. So I’ll just pretend the hand holding the ball over my chest, is an integral part of the “meaning” of the garment.

DON’T DROP THE BALL!  Wearable art with a message {-;





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