Butterick 6325: The French Version

View A accidentally lengthened to view B:

….and then kind-of-shortened to somewhere in between…  *sigh*….I should just have left well-enough alone!


I can not resist the Pattern Review challenges.

This was my first make in the “One Pattern Many Looks” Contest Challenge.  (I prefer to view it as a personal challenge, not a contest…)

The rules for this one state that one should sew multiple versions of ONE VIEW of a pattern.  You can make changes by varying fabric, trimmings, and cosmetic changes. You may NOT CHANGE the basic STRUCTURE of the pattern. And you may not make a version that exists as a separate view on the pattern envelope.

And that is where I went wrong: I cut view A, which is 7 cm shorter than view B.  I then trimmed view A with a 5 cm lace, without folding over the 2cm hem allowance, just overlocking and sewing the lace on top op the edge.  So.  You do the math. Ta-daaaa! One exact version of view B, quite unintentional.

Instead of just unpicking the lace and chopping off all excess to a simple View A, I boldly  proceeded to re-design the hemline because I did not QUITE like how far the “under-flap” extended on the right.  Not a good plan. Slightly disappointing result. But it is too late for tears now… *insert teary emoticon here*


I picked Butterick 6325 because I am in love with the Tilton Sisters.  I  wish I could say it was really with their designs (ooooops…more self-analysis coming up…)  but it is the whole idea of working in Paris and designing artsy clothes and sharing with their followers the high-on-life lifestyle of designing and creating and just generally living it up in what insists on being the most romantic city in the world.

I went to Paris with my husband once.  For just 3 days, on a shoestring.  Walked for miles and miles, bought nothing but fruit and pastries and once a bowl of paella from a street vendor and told ourselves we can sleep and eat again when we get home.

We shopped only with our eyes from the pavements in front of Chanel and Luis Vuitton, but we did not dare enter those awe-inspiring sanctums for fear of being thrown out unceremoniously in our style-less garb.  (Wearing Crocs is a good choice when you explore a city on foot.)

We sat with our tired feet in the fountain after seeing not enough of the Louvre, and lost track of time in the Cathedrals.

So anyway. My French Version of B6325 is done.  Because next time I go to Paris, I am going to look better than last time.



The obvious hemline changes:


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