Butterick 6325: Composing a Bohemian Rhapsody

“Oh Mamma Mia Mamma Mia let me go! Magnifico! Oh!”

Okay, I am getting a bit carried away!


But if it does not look much like the pic on the pattern envelope, here’s why:

  1. This top is sleeveless simply because I did not have enough fabric for sleeves.
  2. I also knowingly pretended that I had never heard of a thing like a grainline, so I could use the fabric’s border print. I cut the back and left front on something resembling the bias. While the right front ended up cut on the cross-grain.
  3. You know what happens when you do that, don’t you?  Yes. Right. The edges which are supposed to line up will simply not do so. The front draped way out of proportion.
  4. Which is why three cute little pleats came into existence just north of the waistline.


5. The next “customization” started with the decision to omit the interfacing from the collar to make it a little softer…but then it just went “next level” when I accidentally sewed on the collar … THE WRONG WAY ROUND.

6. Pfffffffffffffffff…

7. Which is why we have a “stand-up scarf collar” instead, with a few extra pleats and a snap to keep it in place.  No one is going to believe me that this is NOT a structure change! But in all honesty, I used the collar pieces exactly as drafted, just in an alternative way!  Come on, work with me here!


8. I dreaded making buttonholes on this fabric so instead I used snaps for closure, with buttons on top for decoration.

9. Armholes finished with bias strip facings.

10. And finally:  Once again the “View A” length is longer than it would have been if I stuck to simply making a 2cm folded hem as instructed.  Instead I used the self-edges.  So Bohemian, aint it!


So that is why this top does not look much like the designed View A.  The funny thing is that except for losing the sleeves, all of the pattern pieces were used without adding or trimming anything.  The difference in appearance is 98% due to the drape of the fabric.  Georgette is NOT one of the fabric recommendations on the pattern envelope, and those arrows dictating placement on the grainline are not just there for decoration…

But although I broke some universal Sewing Rules, I do believe I am still within the contest rules!


*Touch Wood*

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